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The Skinny is the platform to help you discover and learn from 2nd stage entrepreneurs.

Our Quest. A weekly email sharing a vulnerable & transparent look into the blurred line of our personal & professional journey

We are a place for entrepreneurs with something to share and want to be heard. We are here to help you accomplish that!

Skinny Books can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, executives, and managers because it includes authentic experience shares and a framework that gives you the tools the author used to work through their shared experience.

We deliver all this using brevity, meaning our books are written to be read in about 30 minutes. This allows you to get the most value from the book without having to put it down.

Our unique interview process ensures that your words, ideas, concepts, and, most importantly, voice come through in the final product and aren’t lost in the ghostwriting process

Lastly, we believe your experience deserves to be heard, so we will help you get your book into the hands of other entrepreneurs, executives, and managers.

If you have ever tried to or thought about writing a book, we want to collaborate with you. We will work with you to get you unstuck and get it done at a fraction of the cost and time most other ghostwriting services provide.

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Provide your email to receive a copy of The Skinny when it is released

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