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Noisy Head is my authentic and vulnerable experience of going through a crisis and the loss of control and confidence that came with that chaotic time. Along with the experience share, there is the framework that I used to regain clarity and confidence. This framework showed me how to evaluate my inputs and capabilities to ultimately determine what my valuable resources are. This revelation gave me the power to easily say no to anything that is just noise or a distraction.

It doesn’t end there though as I take you another step further and give you a way to discover what you have mastered. This discovery reveals your core competency and ultimately is a skill that is valuable, rare, can’t be bought, you have a historic headstart, and also brings you joy.

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Pitch Before Product By Cary Chessick

In this captivating leadership fable, readers are swept into the riveting journey of Sam, a former trial attorney whose revelations about persuasion propels help him as he leaves law behind and enters the world of entrepreneurship. As Sam navigates through various industries, facing numerous challenges that test his resolve, adaptability, and understanding of the business landscape, a profound transformation unfolds. 

More than just a narrative, “Pitch Before Product” flips the conventional thinking around building a business on its head. The book masterfully follows Sam’s career adventures and condenses the lessons learned into three revolutionary strategies for growth, making it a veritable roadmap for scaling a company. Through Sam’s experiences, readers are introduced to the groundbreaking concepts of “Pitch Before Product,” “The Sales & Marketing Pendulum,” and “Stack Ranking Revenue” – the pillars upon which this book rests.

Pitch Before Product” emphasizes the paramount importance of storytelling and persuasion in the success of any venture, drawing from Sam’s formative lessons as a trial attorney, sharing specific details on how to build processes to close more deals faster. “The Sales & Marketing Pendulum” explores the dynamic equilibrium between sales and marketing, outlining a methodology to leverages sales data for marketing and marketing data for sales. This strategy helps drive more qualified leads and shortens the sales cycle. Finally, “Stack Ranking Revenue” presents a methodical approach to helping companies, leadership and teams of all sizes ensure the right people are working on the right action items in the right order, creating enormous efficiency in the organization.

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